Electromagnetic Sweep

Mine hunting is today focusing on forward looking methods and UAV and the legacy type of towed sweeps has not been designed for years. The smarter weapons are however requiring sweep sources with ship like dimensions. The state of the art sweeps on the market are based on floating electrodes with high current and power which gives magnetic field output but creates enormous UEP fields which a simple weapon sensor can classify as a mine sweep activities and shut-off the mine. Polyamp created the versatile MSS2000 power supply system for such electrode sweeps end of 1990-ties.

In 2013 Polyamp made a design study for a closed loop Electromagnetic Sweep that creates ship-like electromagnetic signatures for vessels of up to 150 m, which represent the majority of the worldwide Navies fleet. The power needed is a fraction of an electrode sweep which means that the power can be accommodated in a smaller RHIB or vessel of opportunity. Using several of those sweep systems will make efficient sweep operations using an MCMV as a mother vessel.

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