Degaussing systems

A Degaussing system minimizes the Magnetic influence of a vessel – or in other words – the magnetic signature. A Degaussing system is a challenge to design and install for a shipyard and understanding the need for the extra weight and power consumption.

The Degaussing system consists of cables along the hull in Vertical, Longitude and Transversal directions, producing counteracting magnetic fields in three directions. Those cables are powered by computer controlled coil amplifiers distributed around the ship. Depending on the design up to 90% of a vessels Magnetic influence can be suppressed on water depths where underwater weapons are effective.

Polyamp Systems Division specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of on-board Degaussing systems for ships and submarines. Polyamp offer customers complete turnkey systems package over the time from an agreed signature demand, via equipment delivery, to the signature fulfilment trials. Polyamp have experience from small non-magnetic hull ROV to the largest steel hull Navy vessel, the CVN77 as well as conventional submarines.

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