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Small Ballistic Shield

Small Ballistic Shield

Small shields are perfect for portable and reliable protection when the conditions are very dynamic.

MARS Armor® Small Ballistic Shields are designed to provide comfortable front protection incorporating the latest materials and technology. The lightweight design of the shield ensures high mobility for fast entry. Possibility to increase the protection through add-on ceramic insert.

Application: Law enforcement, Military, SWAT team.

Dimensions and Shapes

  • Can be designed and produced according to customer specifications
  • Standard dimensions shield, mm:
  • 1000x500 (for protection level III, NIJ 0108.01)
  • 1200x600 (for protection level IIIA, NIJ 0108.01)
  • Custom sizes and diverse shapes
  • Weight: depends on the level of protection


  • Protection level options: IIIA; IIIA+; III; III+, NIJ 0108.00
  • MARS Armor® Ballistic Shield is tested and certified according to NIJ 0108.01.

Standard Features

  • Ergonomic design developed for extended periods of carrying without fatigue;
  • Heat-sealed, waterproofed ballistic outer cover;
  • Padded polyamide handle and a thick high density foam pad for comfortable grab;
  • Easier long gun deployment: comfortable for standing, kneeling and prone position;
  • Ballistic window made of bulletproof glass, with same level of protection.


Attachable Strobe light

Carrying belt with shoulder pad

Additional front pocket for hard armor inserts

Custom colors

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