Tent Extendables

KK manufactures and supplies all possible designs of tents to the armed forces keeping their basic/functional requirements in consideration. Currently KK Exports are supplying the following models: Tent Extendable (2m&4m units), Tent Arctic (small/medium and large), Swiss cottage tents (Round/square ended), Tent 80kg, Tent Private MK-3(officers tent), Marquee Tent, Store Tents etc to various defense organizations. These canvas tents are manufactured in state-of-the-art environment which is equipped with the latest facilities for outstanding production. Keeping in mind the basic needs of clients, these tents are produced with quality raw materials which make them durable. Each of these tents are customized for specific usage by clients and are made resistant to any sort of weather condition .Excellent capacity of producing 8000 units per month are produced.

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