Tactical Gear and Industrial clothing

KK Export manufactures an extensive range of tactical gear and industrial clothing which are top-of-the-line and produced according to the client’s specifications. The tactical gear and clothing division technically design the equipments for equal weight distribution which in turn provides comfort and free body movement for combat. Providing greater mobility along with maximum load is an important attribute of the tactical gear and clothing. Pouch ammunition, combat harness, rucksack, haversack, combat belt, tactical jackets/trousers (combat) and fluorescent harness/jackets (traffic police), Industrial overall & uniforms are some of the tactical gear and clothing being manufactured by KK Exports. The tactical gear and accessories provide unmatched protection and enhanced ammunition carrying capacity because of free body movement. The tactical gear and accessories are durable and weather-resistant. The in-house fabric testing laboratory makes sure that basic material used in the tactical gear and accessories is of the finest quality providing water repellency, strength and flame resistance.

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