Bullet Proof Jacket

KK Exports offer a wide variety of bullet proof jackets, bullet proof vests, british jackets, military camouflage jackets, webtex tactical jackets, PASGT vests etc. The latest technology goes into the manufacture of most flexible & creating mobility without compromising on protection, with basic level of protection against NIJ standards. KK Exports is world leader in the field of quality bullet proof jacket/body armour and lays equal emphasis on manufacturing as well as finishing and this is seen in the durability of their bullet proof jacket/body armour. The company’s research and development division consists of an elite team of designers who specially design the bullet proof jacket/body armour for optimum fitting and are continually innovating to provide greater comfort. KK Exports is also supplying HAP, SAP & Outer covers separately to companies/contractors as per their individual requirements and specification.

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