Portable X-Ray Detector

Kapri Corp’s portable Xray Detector is a unique portable X-ray inspection system with a minifocus and microfocus constant potential X-ray source used to scan unattended bags & objects. The voltage can be adjusted from 20 to 160kV. This allows inspecting objects made from different materials with varying density and thickness (20-70kV is the optimal voltage for checking mail and thin objects, while 100-160kV works best for baggage and thick objects). One of the advantages of this system is its ability to inspect areas of an object in fine detail using geometric magnification (up to 40 times). There is option of wireless communication which will enable the user to screen suspected objects from a distance in excess of 50 meters. Since in real life situations the surrounding area where the object has to be scanned differs we can offer flat panel detectors and camera based detectors also for flexibility.

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