Explosive Vapor Detector

Pilot M/M1*, the Explosive Vapour Tracer Detector, is a swift, surefire response to avert damage to life and property. It is easy to use light and portable (weighing not more than 2 kg) and requires low warm-up time to cut the response time to the minimum. Its ergonomic design helps comfortable usage. More importantly, Pilot M/M1* is highly sensitive, quick in detection and highly selective. The Explosive Vapor Tracer Detector ensures quick and timely detection of intrusion to safeguard life and property.

Pilot M/M1* relies on the power of technology and is not affected by external odors (usually dogs involved in sniffing operations can be affected by distraction such as the scent of paint-work, oil, animals, other materials and even by noise). It is guided simply and sharply by its designed direction.

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