Quick Acting Hydraulic Valve

Quick Acting Hydraulic Valve for Towed Artillery:

Hale Hamilton manufacture and supply quick-acting hydraulic valves used on towed artillery to raise and lower a gun to and from its wheels to its firing position, firmly ‘dug-in’ on the ground. Speed and reliability of valve’s operation is crucial. The environment is physically harsh and such valves must undergo a programme of challenging environmental tests before being accepted on to production units. Hale Hamilton is a supplier on the BAE SYSTEMS Ultra Light-weight Field Howitzer (UFH) gun. The specialist hydraulic valves are used to lower and raise the gun to and from its ground firing position to its towing position.

Military vehicle valves

Hale Hamilton supplies vehicle suspension with gas & hydraulic control valves, either manual or electrically actuated to perform functions such as adaptive damping, depending on the terrain.  Peak load pressures can be extreme and so valves supplied have to undergo rigorous load and cycle testing, together with other environmental soak tests.

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