Portable Charging Units

Aircraft Ground Support – Carts/ Trolleys & Portable Charging Units (PCU’s)

Hale Hamilton offers a range of  light weight, compact, robust, pressurized gaseous Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for various applications on Military rotary, fixed wing aircraft and UAV’s, and for Civilian applications on Business Jets and Commercial Aircraft. Equipment supplied is suitable for use in the field, on the apron, and in the hangar, for every day checks and for routine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). GSE includes single, twin and multi-cylinder charging trolleys/ trailers, supplied in conjunction with partner Newbow Aerospace:

Hamilton is a preferred supplier of Portable GSE to the UK Royal Air Force (RAF) Air Support AS IPT. "N2GO" Nitrogen PCU’s & "O2GO" Oxygen PCU’s to military specification are deployed world-wide by the UK RAF and Nitrogen PCU variants are also in-service in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

Charging nitrogen gas systems

Nitrogen PCU’s to civilian specification are in-service in Europe, the Middle East and Far East supporting Business jets, Civilian airliners and Commercial helicopter operations.

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