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Atakel Electronics

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Double Axis - 4P292S1AK5506

Double Axis - 4P292S1AK5506

Double Axis - 4P292S1AK5506

The 4000 Series is a range of robust, industrial quality potentiometer joysticks for internal and external applications. All 4000 Series share the same, all metal mechanism to provide the finest performance and service life over a wide range of temperatures and loads. All 4000 Series employ high quality plastic film potentiometers, yielding a service life of many millions of cycles.

MAIN FEATURES of Double Axis - 4P292S1AK5506

  • Two standard mounting options

  • Low current drain

  • Variety of potentiometer options

  • Robust

  • All metal mechanism

  • IP65 above panel

  • Inherently immune to RFI

  • Optional center-detect micro-switching

  • Available in two body variants
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