Atakel Electronics

Atakel Electronics

Brandium Atasehir Residence R5 Block 7th Floor No:43 Atasehir / Istanbul / Turkey

Wired 8mm Red 28V LED - Q8F7CXXR28E

Wired 8mm Red 28V LED - Q8F7CXXR28E

Panel mount LED indicators with 5mm colored diffused epoxy lens or 5mm water clear super bright LEDs.


  • Bright chrome, black chrome or satin grey bezel finish.

  • Prominent, recessed and flush bezel styles.

  • Voltage: 2VDC - 220VAC.

  • Terminals: 2.8 x 0.8 solder lug/fastons, pins or 200mm long wires.

  • IP67 sealing option (EN60529).

  • Supplied with fixing nut and spring washer.


  • Medical

  • Telecommunications

  • Engineering

  • Transport Systems

  • Special Vehicles

  • Agricultural Vehicles
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