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Brush Rack & Panel Connectors

Brush Rack & Panel Connectors

Brush Rack & Panel Connectors

This connector series utilizes Amphenol’s durable and reliable B3 contact system in a rugged, non-floating Rack and Panel connector. Included in this series are digital and power/digital “hybrid” insert arrangements. The hybrid series utilizes Amphenol’s high performance RADSOK® power contacts along with Amphenol’s proven B3 contact.brush-rack panel


  • High performance B3 brush contacts

  • 0.100 inch x 0.100 inch square grid footprint

  • Environmentally sealed at connector interface when mated (optional feature)

  • Environmentally sealed connector mounting interface

  • EMI protection is available at mounting surfaces and connector interface

  • ESD protection is available – allows use of Class 3 hardened chips (4KV max. voltage)

  • Tapered mating surface provides near zero X & Y plane movement between mated connectors

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