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Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) are weaponized all-terrain combat vehicles, protected by almost impenetrable armour, that combine operational mobility, tactical offensive, and defensive capabilities to carry out missions such as elimination, rescue, or reconnaissance with high accuracy while keeping its combatants safe.

Armoured vehicles manufacturers build and supply Armoured Fighting Vehicles and their upgrades to keep Infantry or Navy units armed and ready. These include improvements in weapons systems, communications systems, target systems, or an overhaul of existing vehicle model.

The most famous AFVs in the world include Panzer, T-90 Bhishma, Wiesel, Churchill Crocodile, British Matilda, Eland Mk7, and US M1127 Reconnaissance Vehicle, to name a few.

Apart from vehicles, armoured vehicles manufacturers also supply accessories such as ballistic floatation vests, survival gear, oxygen masks, etc. for use inside the automobile.

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