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Aircraft completions is the manufacturing of the aircraft fuselage and propulsion systems minus the cabin interiors for specific demands. Engineers and manufacturers develop aircraft completions, also called “green”, based on the client’s vision of the cabin space. Based on client requirements, the engineers build the greens from technical, aesthetical as well as economical standpoint.

There are several completions centers around the globe that take up projects on contract-basis. They use modern materials such as carbon composites, and the newest technologies for creating aircraft structures. Completions are a miniscule but diverse industry, catering largely to VIP requests.

Aircraft upgrades are necessary for any improvement in the existing model of the aircraft. They can include overhauling structural systems, propulsion systems, payload, weapons, sub assemblies, and avionics.

On this portal, we restrict our pool to manufacturers and suppliers that offer aircraft upgrades and completions for the Defense aircrafts or commercial jets.

Below is a list of our suppliers who specialise in providing product and services related to Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Upgrades