GPS III Space System

Lockheed Martin is awarded with $1.46 billion contract to build the next-generation Global Positioning System program, known as GPS III Space System. The program for GPS III Space System is intended to improve positioning, navigation, and timing services for the war fighter and civil users worldwide. GPS III Space System will also provide advanced anti-jam capabilities thus yielding superior system security, accuracy and reliability. A new spot beam capability for military (M-Code) coverage and increased resistance to hostile jamming will be incorporated in the GPS III Space system. These enhancements in GPS III Space System will improve accuracy and assured availability for military and civilian users. With GPS III Space System, Lockheed Martin will make a progression in its reputation of developing advanced spacecrafts in the current GPS constellation. GPS III Space System as a part of Global Positioning System enables users with precise time and velocity. Worldwide latitude, longitude and altitude and small distances of a few meters can also be determined by GPS III Space System. Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado manages and operates GPS III Space system.

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