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AboutMerlinhawk Aerospace Pvt. Ltd.

Merlinhawk Aerospace Pvt. Ltd., a business unit of Merlinhawk Associates Pvt. Ltd., is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The focus of Merlinhawks’ activities is research and development of airborne, ground support and ground based products for aerospace and defence applications. With the requisite accreditations as a Design Organisation and a manufacturer of electronic and electromechanical equipment for military use, Merlinhawk Aerospace offers top quality design and product related services to OEM, user agencies and operators  in aviation and defence sectors.


Elektrone GPU: Battery Power Packs for Starting Helicopters and Turbo-prop Aircraft

Elektrone power packs are state-of-the-art ground power units (GPUs) that provide high current for starting turboprop aircraft, helicopters, battle tanks, marine engines, mining and earth moving equipment. Being portable and maintenance free, they are reliable power sources suitable for any type of terrain or environment condition. The power packs are available with different current / voltage ratings compatible to most rotary wing / turbo prop aircraft as well as to other land and marine vehicles.

Fuel Dispensing Unit:

The Fuel dispensing unit is a complete electrical system for pumping aviation fuel to helicopters and light aircraft. The pump has been designed for rapid deployment and can distribute fuel from fuel tanks, collapsible Terra Tanks, steel tanks or drums.

Flight Data Replay Unit (FDRU) and Flight Data Recorder Analyser Unit (FDAU)

Merlinhawk' FDR system for Mi-17 IV helicopter consists of the Flight Data Recorder Analyser Unit (FDAU), the Flight Data Recorder Replay Unit (FDRU) and client software PlaneView©.
The FDRU is an indigenous system equivalent to UVS-3M unit for MLP-23 FDR system. The FDRU system helps in downloading data from the MLP-23 FDR onto a PC with the help of FDAU.

Flight Data Transfer Unit (FDTU)

The Flight Data Transfer Unit (FDTU) is a single LRU designed for use in Mi-17 helicopter, IL-76 and IL-78 aircraft and operates in tandem with the existing Flight Data Acquisition Unit as a Quick Access Recorder.
The FDTU can accept data from a standard ARINC 717/573 stream, in addition to a 12 bit parallel interface, and record the data on to a standard CompactFlash™ memory card in a Windows™ compatible file format. The file is then read by Merlinhawks' PlaneView© client software for post flight presentation and analysis of flight data.

Customised Testers

Merlinhawk is a trusted and proven partner of IAF in providing technical solutions in the field of test equipment and health and usage monitoring systems for aircraft and helicopters.
Merlinhawk has successfully developed for both HAL and IAF customised testers for various applications.

  • The Integrated Test Unit (ITU) is a customized ground based test system to check the LRU interconnections in aircraft.
  • The Power Plant Tester is to check out and tweak the power plant (engines) of a fighter aircraft during a ground run.

Looms Fabrication /Assembly and Laser Marking

A state of the art electrical loom shop has been set up at Merlinhawk Aerospace for the manufacture of cable harnesses for various avionic and ground applications. The process includes assembly, fabrication and laser marking of the looms as per customer requirements.