Innovations For Safety of Population

Innovation is regarded as the conception of new technologies, products, processes or services and the application of existing technologies to a different problem. In this regard, innovation in the defence sector aimed at improving military capability.

PCO S.A. is one such company providing the military and other uniformed services with innovative high-tech optoelectronic solutions for individual soldiers and for combat vehicles.

The wide range of PCO products includes:

  • Integrated optoelectronic modules
  • Day-night aiming sights
  • Thermal scoping systems and cameras
  • Night vision goggles
  • Night vision periscopes
  • Laser warning systems
  • Flight parameters display systems

The following contains the detailed information about the product range

Optoelectronic System:

The optoelectronic system is an stabilized commander for observation and aiming. It is designed for detection, tracking and aiming ground and air targets in the remote system. It works both in day and night conditions. It has become an integral part of defence applications.

Optoelectronic modules and components are electronic devices that operate on regular electricity and power generated by photo sensitive material. This can include electrically driven light sources such as laser diodes and light-emitting diodes, components for converting light to an electrical current such as solar and photovoltaic cells and devices that can electronically control the propagation of light. It is used on different types of land vehicles for detection, recognition, identification of ground and air targets.

Thermal Imaging Sight:

Designed for long-range target detection and engagement, the thermal imaging scope adds high-performance thermal capability over any standard day scope available in the market. Using an existing ballistic scope for shot placement, the thermal imaging scope provides immediate precision by a quick mounting, with no re-zeroing needed.

Thermographic imaging sight is an aiming reticle, which can be mounted on small arms as well as some heavier weapons providing periscopic thermal aiming, ultraviolet sensors and thermal imaging sight. It can be operated in total darkness and even in an unfavorable conditions without any visual disturbances.

Thermal vision sight improves the visibility of the object by its infrared radiation and provides a clear image. Thermal imaging cameras are used for border security and coastal surveillance. These cameras can identify a target around a huge radius. Their detection ranges near to 11 kilometers. It can be even used for commercial purposes. The camera can detect threats which are invisible to human eye during night time, they track, identify and make images detecting the heat energy around the target.

Cooled Thermal Camera:

Cooled thermal cameras are a clear and effective choice for long-range imaging. This is due to their high sensitive technology. A cooled thermal camera utilize either InSb or MCT sensor materials. These are very good conductors for a thermal array in the 3-5 micron range. Cryogenic cooling helps materials in Focal Plane Array to function at their peak performance level.

In practice, this equates to 3-4 times the sensitivity of un-cooled thermal camera systems. The sensitivity of cooled sensors allows using much smaller lenses and much longer lens into a camera design than any other technology or camera would allow.

Night Vision Goggles:

Night vision goggles or passive night vision device with head and helmet mount option offers an edge in darkness vision. These goggles are especially build for military low light operations.

Night vision goggles includes thermal and advanced infrared thermal imaging solutions for a clear visibility. These Miniature goggles night vision are specially designed with an emphasis on special operations. It helps in complex low-light and no-light combats facing unique challenges. These lightweight night vision goggles are compact, modern, and high-performance devices which enables the soldiers to survive the dark combat.

Night vision binoculars:

Night vision binoculars eliminate the possibility of the low light source and uncover the shadowed areas of the wilderness even where a beam of light can’t hit, it effectively increasing your safety and ability by allowing to survey the area around you. It can be fixed on the weapon and used as a night vision sight. Miniature Night-Vision Monocular can be fixed on all types of helmets. It is also possible to fix the device on a vehicle and use it as night vision goggles for patrol.

Technological progress in defence equipment has accelerated and that is why people and governments are expecting the same kind of growth in domestic security as well. PCO S.A achieved success by improving the safety of the people by its innovative defence optoelectronics.