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AboutPCO S.A.

PCO S.A. A singular entity in the domain of optoelectronics, PCO stands supreme and solitary as the manufacturer of optoelectronic devices which incorporate laser technology. Both of these innovations are imperative for the production of any kind of military equipment.

Although founded in 1976 under the name of “Przemyslowe Centrum Optyki w budowie”, PCO SA eventually transfigured itself into a joint stock company named “Przemyslowe Centrum Optyki S.A.”.

In an industry, which is perpetually reforming and evolving itself ever since the early 70’s, PCO has maintained its stature of being the most trustworthy and reliable producer of modern optoelectronic devices based on noctovision, thermovision and laser technologies in Poland.

PCO products are identified as the first-choice of both domestic military users as well as allied domestic and foreign organizations. These products and services have been duly venerated by certificates and rewards of recognition.

The defense industry heavily relies on PCO’s industrial acumen to craft technological innovations and strategic-organisational initiatives.

Core Mission:


  • PCO‘s core mission is to elevate the standards of efficiency and safety for the Polish soldiers through its business. It is also enthusiastic about participating in military missions and fortifying the domestic defence industry.

Future Soldier Project:


  • The organization also leads a conglomerate solely dedicated to the project titled "Future Soldier".
  • Future Soldier project is an undertaking of a scientific-industrial consortium that includes defence industry companies, research and development institutes and Military University of Technology. Through this initiative, the consortium strives to achieve high standards of equipment for the Polish soldiers in the modern battlefield and ensure that all their requirements are met adequately.

PCO S.A. has an extensive range of products and solutions specifically catering to defense technology.

  • Night vision goggles,
  • Aiming sights,
  • Periscopes for armoured vehicles,
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Other optoelectronic systems.

Every solution and service proffered by PCO has sought-after optimization of technology and is a result of research and development activities. Following are the detailed descriptions of our products:

Social Responsibility:

PCO is a socially responsible company where partnering with clients, suppliers, employees and the local community is given paramount importance. The company also whole-heartedly supports development of science and entrepreneurship, cooperating with universities, scientific institutes and supports numerous social and charity initiatives.

Apart from this, PCO is also cognizant with its duty towards the environment. Committing to its responsibility, it fulfills all requirements of environmental protection. This endeavor has been felicitated with the award of “Environment-friendly Company” certificate.