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Winkelmann (UK) Ltd.

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AboutWinkelmann (UK) Ltd.

Winkelmann is an international company engaged in the development, delivery and support of advanced and innovative high technology solutions in electronic counter surveillance, communications security and specialist search for government and defence agencies worldwide.

A key priority for the company is to provide consistently cutting-edge counter-terrorism solutions that not only offer the highest levels of performance but also continuously evolve to meet the changing requirements of our customers around the world.

Winkelmann has experience in delivering comprehensive equipment programmes, supported by appropriate through-life training and the provision of TSCM technical capability to government and Special Force units worldwide, from concept and planning stages through to project completion.


One of the greatest areas of concern to soldiers in the field is that of Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs), which kill more soldiers in modern warfare than any other weapon system. Such devices are also being increasingly used by terrorist organisations and other subversive groups to target civilian VVIPs and their vehicle convoys.

Winkelmann has nearly two decades of experience in developing NLJD's and has delivered over 3500 units to Military & Government agencies. Over the past few years, NLJD's have played an important role in detecting improvised explosive devices, this has fuelled the latest research, ideas and growth, and technology delivery.

The HAWK XTS is capable of locating and confirming the presence of electronic components found in devices, regardless whether they are switched on or off. The HAWK XTS allows the operator to search voids and areas where they are unable to gain physical or visual access, in order to detect electronic components and determine if the area is free from an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).The HAWK XTS-900 is lightweight, utilizes modern technology shaped to allow easy handling; single-body design containing transceiver, antenna and display assembly on a single extendible unit.

Counter Surveillance

The Raptor RXi is an ultra-fast-scanning counter-surveillance receiver for quickly detecting surveillance transmitters. The Raptor RXi scans from 10kHz to 26GHz in less than four seconds, detecting even the briefest pulsed transmissions. The Raptor is a portable device, allowing reference scans to be easily run in different areas of a building, operating either from an internal rechargeable battery or an external supply. Its integrated antenna system provides excellent wideband performance from 10kHz to 26GHz.

Rectrix is a sophisticated spectrum logging system which allows data to be saved to a hard disk for later analysis. Rectrix allows scanning to be recorded for weeks or months, and saves a time-stamped spectrum analyser snapshot to disc every few seconds, allowing even very brief signals to be viewed long after the event. By saving data to cheap USB hard drives, data can be easily and cost-effectively archived for reference at a later date. We believe Rectrix to be one of the most sophisticated spectrum logging systems on the market, and to be the most effective tool available for the detection of store and forward and remote-control surveillance devices.

Specialist Visual Search

Winkelmann has been designing and developing remote visual inspection equipment for over 10 years. Winkelmann’s aim is to offer customers worldwide a range of quality, cost effective systems that are designed for specific applications.

Winkelmann provides the government, military and security markets an innovative and pioneering portfolio of remote visual inspection products. The EOD IX tactical search kit comprises a portable under door camera, robust videoscope with 4-way tip articulation, 2.5” LCD monitor &rigidizer for pole camera use.

The EOD VIII tactical videoscope system is one of the lightest videoscope systems on the market. The unique portable and robust design combines built-in 2.5” colour display, integrated rechargeable lithium battery and 2-way tip articulation. The innovative CMOS image sensor of the EOD VIII videoscope captures images with realistic colour reproduction.