Chippenham, Wiltshire SN14 0WT, United Kingdom


Wincanton is a leading provider of supply chain solutions across the UK and Ireland delivering outstanding customer service since 1925. Wincanton provides logistics solutions into a diverse range of industry sectors including defence, milk, energy, retail, consumer goods and construction.

Wincanton designs, implements and manages secure, robust supply chains for defence manufacturers and integrators. They cover the whole global supply chain end-to-end, helping companies to operate more efficiently, cost-effectively and safely in a highly competitive and compliance-driven sector.  Wincanton focuses on delivering innovative solutions that redefine defence logistics, solutions which are enabled by an intrinsic understanding of the industry and the challenges their customers face.

Wincanton provides cost efficient, flexible solutions combined with the customer-centric approach of a small business. They cover the full spectrum of supply chain activities, from the import of raw materials to the management of home deliveries and retail returns. Wincanton’s collaborative transport model helps customers to control costs, optimize service assets and improve services levels.