Sujan Industries

Sujan Industries

Sativali Udyog Nagar, Vasai (East), Dist., Thane - 401208, India

AboutSujan Industries

Sujan Group an ISO 9001: 2000 has been at the forefront of India’s rubber revolution. Their vast product range spans different applications, both automotive and non-automotive. Over the years the group has developed over 10,000 products used across more than 150 applications. There has always been a strong emphasis on technology. This is evident in the process of engineering, application engineering, and product development and performance evaluation. Sujan also places a lot of importance on indigenization of products.

Sujan products have already made their mark in the domestic market with clients like Maruti Udyog, Honda group of companies, Larsen & turbo, Tata Motors, Siemens India Ltd., etc.

Their expertise has now pushed them into global markets. Today Sujan exports engine mounts, bellows, hoses, silent blocks, Valves, small fastners and other miscellaneous products to U.S.A, U.K, Australia, Italy, Germany, S.Korea, West Indies and the Gulf.

Not only does the group strive to stay ahead of industry standards, they study the progress made across the world and incorporate it in their products and processes. Every Sujan product bears a distinctive signature of quality and commitment. Their vast clientele and growth is testimony to this.

Sujan - miner

The Sujan group formed a joint venture with miner enterprises in 2004, to leverage their capabilities and enter the railway business. Miner enterprises were founded in 1894 for the purpose of manufacturing draft gears. Today, miner is a leader in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of railcar components including high capacity draft gears, TecsPaK® constant contact side bearings, heavy-duty discharge devices, custom unloading systems, and brake beams. Located in Geneva, IL, the current company is a result of the 1968 purchase of W. H. Miner Company and enterprise railway equipment, and has become one of the industry’s most experienced gate and mechanism manufacturers. Miner sells products in 56 countries and recently won its second U.S. Department of Commerce award for excellence in exporting.


Sujan TecsPaK Constant Contact (TCC) Side Bearings help reduce railcar truck instability known as truck hunting. Manufactured to AAR M948 specifications these products allow railcars to operate at high speeds with substantially reduced truck and wheel wear.

These are rubber pads used in high capacity draft gears such as the SL76 and RS361 manufactured to AAR-M901E specifications. These draft gears find usage in railroads across the world that has heavy haul traffic.