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PO Box 1232, Silverton, Pretoria-0127, SOUTH AFRICA

AboutRadiant Antennas

Radiant Antennas, based in Pretoria, South Africa manufactures military and professional HF, VHF and UHF antennas, designed for high performance in the harshest of environments and used in many countries throughout Africa and the world.

Specializing in tactical HF and V/UHF antennas, for base station, mobile and man-portable applications, Radiant Antennas has a comprehensive range of antenna products covering all the general military, tactical communications frequency bands.

When required, we are able to quickly and efficiently adapt an existing antenna or develop a new product to suite customer requirements.

HF Base Station Antennas

Radiant Antennas’ range of base station HF wideband dipole antennas are among the best performing HF antennas found throughout the world today.

Designed for high efficiency, wideband performance and ease of deployment, our HF wideband antennas are used by the most demanding of communicators, in the most remote of places.

  • 2.5-30MHz and 4-30MHz versions
  • Available in both 125W (RWD125) or 500W (RWD500)


Man-portable HF antenna and mast system

Recently developed is our new man-portable HF wideband antenna and mast system.

Ideal for long range patrol or Special Forces small team communication applications, this self contained HF wideband dipole antenna and mast system is specially suited to wideband frequency hopping or frequency agile link protocols (ALE and STANAG 5066), and specifically developed for the soldier on the ground.

  • Easy and quick to erect by one person in 5 mins.
  • Lightweight and portable


HF Log Periodic Arrays

Radiant Antennas’ manufactures two models of commercial/professional grade High Frequency Log Periodic antennas. Ideal for long haul, voice and data links, these antenna are used by foreign missions for rear-link, inter-continental HF networks.

  • RLP13-30, (13-13MHz)
  • RLP10-30, (10-30MHz)


V/UHF Mobile Antenna

Radiant Antennas’ range of V/UHF Mobile Antennas comprises of a family of robust, yet highly efficient end-fed and center-fed dipole antennas, covering the full 30-520MHz frequency band
Center-fed Antennas, being ground plane independent, are versatile as they can be used in either the mobile configuration using our robust universal base/spring assembly (UBS-6), or mast mounted with the appropriate adapter.

Optionally, the mobile antenna base is available with integrated GPS antenna, notch filter and low noise amplifier (LNA).

Available Configurations

  • Center-fed VHF 30-108MHz
  • End-fed VHF and Air band 30-138MHz
  • End fed low profile VHF 30-90MHz
  • Center-fed 115-175MHz Air/Marine band
  • Center-fed UHF 225-420MHz UHF
  • Center-fed Tetra 380-430MHz
  • Center-fed 400-470MHz
  • Center-fed 400-520MHz
  • Center-fed 108-520MHz

Also available are two moderate gain mobile antennas for the 500MHz-1.5GHz and 1-3GHz frequency bands.

  • RMB500-1500
  • RMB1000-3000


Tactical Masts

Radiant Antennas manufacture two families of tactical masts.

The RTM series masts, are telescopic fiberglass (composite) base station masts, designed for deploying HF wideband antennas, V/UHF antennas and lightweight arrays.

Available in 6, 8 and 12 Meter models, the RTM series masts are compact, lightweight, and easy erected by one person.

The RSM series masts are very lightweight, sectional fiberglass masts, available in 4 and 6 Meter options used in man-portable/patrol or applications, for the erection of lightweight HF dipoles and V/UHF antennas for short duration “on the move” antenna deployments. These masts are compact, robust and easily erected by one person under clandestine conditions.