PO Box 176 103 Industrial Park Dr. Walkerton, IN 46574 USA


Founded in 1949, by Sam Shobert, a chemist working on advanced composite materials during World War II at the U.S. Wright-Patterson Air Force base, Polygon Company has grown into an engineered materials company with multiple manufacturing facilities and global distribution and sales offices around the world.

Credited as being the first thermoset pultrusion company in North America, Polygon has recently formed a new product division based on entirely new technology, commonly known as CFT (Continuous Fiber Thermoplastic) materials.

Since that time, Polygon's ongoing research and development activities have resulted in multiple patents on innovative composite products as well as proprietary manufacturing capabilities that allow Polygon to project superior value in the engineered materials marketplace.

History 2

Corporate research and development activities are located in the company's corporate offices and primary manufacturing location in Walkerton, Indiana (approximately 90 miles east of Chicago, Illinois).