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AboutPiezoMotor Uppsala AB

PiezoMotor is a global leader in the development and manufacture of direct-drive, micro-motors based on piezoelectric materials. Piezoelectric motors are minute: this is one reason why it is not tough to meet space and performance demands which makes them an ideal replacement for the usual electromagnetic motors. Piezo LEGS® motors diminish total product size and deliver much greater precision. We are proud to be associated with leading companies of the world.

PiezoMotor was founded in order to meet the demands for micro-motor technology that has taken the world by storm. This would enhance and further develop the market for smaller products as we minimize the envelop using this type of motors.

We have established many OEM collaborations where our small, strong motors are adapted to customers’ specific application needs.

Piezo LEGS® motors work where traditional electrical motors will not fit or cannot deliver the required performance. One of the great advantages of our technology is that it is very easy to adapt to different demands and applications. We tailor-make motors to customer specifications with a design that is robust and resistant to wear-and-tear. High load capacity also makes our motors suited for extreme applications. Battery voltage is sufficient to drive them. In addition, they can be used in a vacuum.

The electronics required to drive and control Piezo LEGS® motors are no more complicated than those normally required for conventional brushless electric and stepping motors. Moreover, a conventional electric motor usually requires several assembled parts such as rotor, stator, ball bearings, linear screws, etc. to make it work. Thanks to our direct drive, the size of the motor is significantly reduced and precision is gained by eliminating bulky and lashing mechanical parts. Our motors also work without interfering with magnetic fields – critical in many advanced applications.

The simple yet very innovative designs of our motors make them easy to manufacture in large quantities with a high degree of precision. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process delivers high-performance motors in small packages at a competitive price. With unique, patented products, in-house manufacturing and global distribution, PiezoMotor laid the foundation to grow rapidly. Today, we ship products to customers working with semiconductors, advanced optics, medical technology, automation, hand-held devices, etc.


The more demanding the application, the higher is the positioning requirement.

For tuning and aligning lenses, or for high-precision auto-focusing, Piezo LEGS® motor performance is second to none. High-end video projectors, lens systems for the semiconductor industry, and military surveillance cameras are just some of the fields where manufacturers utilize the strength and precision of the company’s motors. Linear positioning in the sub-micron range is easily achieved, and our designs even resolve micro-steps smaller than 1 nanometer (0.001 µm). Rotary motors allow sub-micro-radian step resolution.

Piezo LEGS® motors have numerous applications within the field of optics.

Using Piezo LEGS motors within the optical field will benefit in many ways. The fine backlash free and smooth movement as well as the high holding force increases the precision. Also the possibility to develop minimized envelop is another factor compared to traditional electrical motors. The technology is used in various optical applications today like gimbals, focus and zoom in special cameras, turning turrets, adjusting mirrors and lasers etc.


The LR17 compact-sized rotary motor with integrated encoder can be used to create a high-precision gimbal. The motor can be operated in closed loop at a resolution of 0.2 mrad. Even finer steps can be taken in open loop, where the micro-step resolution is <0.0001 mrad.


All Piezo LEGS® motors are non-magnetic; they do not emit a magnetic field and, unlike traditional DC motors, they don’t have an internal coil. At a distance of 10 mm from the motor housing, the magnetic flux density is less than 1 nT (sensor sensitivity). Moreover, we can produce the motor housing using non-magnetic materials only. Imagine using Piezo LEGS® motors in application without disturbing the compass etc.