Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd

Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd

Industrial Area 5, Karmiel 2161401, ISRAEL

AboutOpgal Optronic Industries Ltd

Over the past three decades, Opgal Optronics has been leveraging advanced electro-optics and image processing expertise to become key player in the wide and complex ranging defense, security, aviation and industrial markets. Opgal has introduced an extensive range of thermal-imaging solutions, from field-proven thermal camera systems and integrated solutions, through custom-made subsystems, to high quality thermal cores and open frame cameras.

As a pioneer in the defense industry, Opgal is well known for its battlefield-proven solutions that are qualified to the strictest military standards, as well as its better understanding amongst clients and in delivering customized solutions with respect to their specific requirements.

For the security market, Opgal tackles current security concerns with thermal imaging systems and multi-spectral solutions that facilitate city and state governments, transportation, industrial and utility clients to differentiate, perceive, and recognize hazards round the clock, in total obscurity and difficult visual conditions.

Opgal in the Industrial market, introduced the first of its kind Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) camera that effectively detects gas leaks and fugitive emissions, classified and certified for use in the locations prone to serious hazards corresponding the American and European standards (ATEX, CSA, UL).

In the aviation market, Opgal was the foremost to supply the landing assist and situational awareness systems which have been deployed in over 2,000 airplanes and are FAA- approved.

The technology used in Opgal relies on achieving significant and resourceful video data beyond the standard image quality by measuring the heat emitted from objects and translating that information into an image. An ample amount of time has been spent in the research and development of their state-of-the-art and unmatched image-processing. All the products by Opgal help in obtaining comprehensive details to ensure any situation is accurately evaluated and perceived so a suitable action is implemented in time.

Completing a journey of many successful years, Opgal is a universal organization with customers sprawled over 60 countries.