Heathcoat Fabrics Limited

Heathcoat Fabrics Limited

Westexe, Tiverton, EX16 5LL, United Kingdom

AboutHeathcoat Fabrics Limited

Heathcoat Fabrics is a leading one-stop resource that delivers inspiring and innovative global textile solutions. Founded in 1808, Heathcoat Fabrics is incorporated with a major all-encompassing manufacturing facility.
The company has evolved over 200 years into one of the most innovative and forward-thinking fabrics manufacturers, with an international reputation for high-quality and brilliance.

We provide our products across various industries including aerospace, automotive, military, healthcare, aeronautical, and geo-textiles etc.

We operate a total end-to-end highly adept service that includes in-house research and development, design, testing, and all on-site manufacturing facilities that cover everything from quality-controlled yarn texturising, warping, weaving and knitting to the latest high-end advanced dyeing, specialist fabric treatments, product enhancements, and finishing divisions.