6, Kolomvou Str., 153 51 Pallini, Athens, GREECE

AboutELFON Ltd

ELFON Limited is a Greek company established in 1975. It has pioneered innovative electronic components manufacturing. Since 1979, the focus has  shifted to Aerospace and Defence. Within the past thirty five years, ELFON has built parts for major U.S. and European aeronautics and security companies, as well as the armed forces of Greece.

Focus Areas

ELFON specializes in manufacturing wiring harnesses, cabling and electro-mechanical assemblies. ELFON is also associated with a competent and certified pool of subcontractors that performs electronics design and manufacturing, metal processing, and surface treatment. Thus, being able to act as an integrator and project coordinator. The company possesses the technical know-how, the organizational skills, and state of the art equipment for the manufacturing of wiring harnesses, while it is capable of managing any electromechanical project associated with interconnections/ wiring harnesses.

ELFON has a large customer base in the Aerospace and Defence industries, like Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, Beechcraft, Raytheon Missile Systems, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Dassault, MBDA, Thales, and Krauss Maffei Wegmann.

Organization Structure

The Quality Management System of ELFON LTD is certified by BVQI to comply with the Requirements of ISO 9001:2008. ELFON is also certified with ISO 14000:2004. Besides that, the company has implemented world class practices for the evaluation of quality and efficiency of quality procedures.  As a result, most customers have granted ELFON Source Quality Inspection for the most demanding products. ELFON operates in a manner that is “worry free” for its customers, requiring minimal supervision and auditing. AS9100 certification is expected by the end of 2015.

ELFON’s production department utilizes cutting edge technology in management and manufacturing technique. Self Assessment and Continuous Improvement programs are in place, while shop floor layout and production procedures have been designed according to the principles of Lean Manufacturing.  Furthermore, a bar-code system is being utilized for production and logistics monitoring.

The company makes use of fully documented Industrial Engineering Processes and Procedures in order to develop work instructions that ensure production of high quality products. Throughout all manufacturing stages, ELFON uses calibrated tooling for manufacturing, inspection & testing. All products are serialized and component quality is tracked by means of an automated, bar code system.

ELFON engineering is staffed with experienced personnel that participate regularly in concurrent engineering and other international projects that add a unique edge to its products. Production personnel are trained thoroughly and tested before entering the work force.

Research and Development

ELFON’S research interest is in clean energy technologies. The company has developed a device for energy savings and energy management in homes and small businesses. The “Intelligent Power Manager” is produced by ELFON and is marketed in Europe. Its purpose is to harvest photovoltaic energy, store it, and/or feed it to the grid in order to optimize energy use in a building.

ELFON LTD currently holds a prominent position in the Greek industry, with an excellent reputation within the industrial and defense communities. In the 40 years of its existence, “ELFON” has been synonymous with quality, reliability, and transparency of operation.

Company Turnover:

ELFON LTD is located approximately 15 km (9 mi) East of Athens.  All company facilities are located in a single building of 6,000 sq. meters (65,000 sq. feet).  The company employs approximately 70 people, and has a turnover of € 7M, while debt has remained at a minimum throughout the company’s history, amounting to less than 10% of total current assets.

Industry Expertise and Capabilities


  • ELFON LTD has the capability to perform the following tasks:
  • AUTOCAD and CATIA drafting
  • Wiring harness design and manufacturability improvement
  • Wiring harness tool design, construction, and verification
  • Materials procurement
  • Wiring harness assembly
  • Wiring harness testing for continuity and insulation resistance
  • Fiber optic termination, splicing, and testing
  • Soldering, crimping
  • Braiding



  • CAD (CATIA) Production of tooling.
  • UV-LASER marking of wire.
  • Automatic, computer – controlled cutting of wire.
  • Fiber-Optic cable termination.
  • NOMEX Braiding for Wiring Harness Outer Jackets.
  • Metal Braiding for Shielding on Wiring Harnesses & Cable Assemblies
  • Polymer encapsulation of connectors
  • Computerized marking & cutting of identification sleeves.
  • Pneumatic Crimping of lugs, terminals and contacts.
  • Static protected workstations.

Testing & Measurement


  • Automatic, computer-controlled testing for harnesses / cables.
  • Insulation resistance, leakage & galvanic protection tests.
  • Applied mechanical forces, dynamic / static, insertion / extraction testing.
  • Crimping, mechanical and electrical (voltage drop) compliance tests.
  • Thermal cycle tests.
  • Phase lag / Phase Matching measurement.
  • Insertion Loss Measurements (RF & Fiber Optic Cables)

Test Equipment


  • DIT-MCO Testers, up to 6000 points
  • Network analyzer, 3 GHz