Dorce Prefabricated Buildings & Construction Trade

Dorce Prefabricated Buildings & Construction Trade

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AboutDorce Prefabricated Buildings & Construction Trade

Established in 1989, Dorce prefabricated building and construction industry trade Inc (Dorce), is a world class manufacturer of the prefabricated building, accommodation containers, steel construction camp buildings and GSM shelters. Dorce has successfully completed turnkey projects all over the globe.


Prefabricated Building

The Dorce prefabricated building is built using world class raw materials and techniques. These buildings can be easily erected ad dismantled. All electrical connections and plumbing is provided for each prefabricated building. All items provided in a prefabricated building are of the highest quality. Each prefabricated building is made according to the client’s specifications. Dorce has successfully completed projects in all types of weather conditions, the Dorce prefabricated building comes in various designs according client requirements. Designed to perfection, the prefabricated building manufactured by Dorce is made to withstand even harsh environmental conditions. All products of Dorce are tested to meet international quality standards, including the prefabricated building.

Accommodation Containers

Dorce manufactured accommodation containers can be set up together as a container complex to build larger areas like dining, recreational and other facilities. Wheels can also be put on these accommodation containers they can be converted into mobile units. All electrical connections and plumbing are provided along with these accommodation containers. All items provided along with the accommodation containers are of the highest quality standards. These accommodation containers can withstand all weather conditions. Made with quality raw materials, these accommodation containers come in different sizes, 2.4 to 3.6 m length 3 m to 12 m length. The accommodation containers are also available in single, double and triple storey. Dorce puts quality and customer satisfaction first and this is evident in the design on their accommodation containers. The Dorce accommodation containers are made in compliance with customer requirements.

Steel Construction Camp Buildings

Dorce also manufactures steel construction camp buildings. These buildings are quick and easy to manufacture. The steel construction camp buildings are specially designed to be installed easily. Since these steel construction camp buildings are light weight, they can be relocated easily. These pre-engineered steel construction camp buildings are used as warehouses, sports centers, recreational buildings and other such facilities. Elegantly constructed, the steel construction camp buildings look no different from regular buildings. These steel construction camp buildings have the same luxurious effect as normally constructed buildings. Sturdy and resistant to all types of weather phenomenon, these steel construction camp buildings can also be used in earthquake sensitive areas and disaster regions. The Dorce steel construction camp buildings come with state-of-the-art interiors. Tested to meet international standards, the Dorce steel construction camp buildings, are a preferred choice in the industry.

GSM Shelters

The Dorce Shelters or GSM shelters are the dismountable type. They are designed in such a way that it is sufficient for 2 people to carry the shelter wall panels. The walls and roof of the GSM shelters are sandwich panels which have no voids inside and work as a composite unit. These GSM shelters are durable against outer strokes and do not deform easily. The inner and outer walls of the GSM shelters are made from a material which is durable against fire, is unbreakable and assists in electromagnetic protection of the shelter. The entire outer surface of these GSM shelters has no puncture and hence this does not allow water or dust into the unit.  These GSM shelters are available at competitive prices.

Turnkey Camp Buildings

Dorce also manufactures turnkey camp buildings which are prefabricated and ready-to-use. These turnkey camp buildings are economical and are easy to install. Specially designed to be resistant to extreme weather conditions, the Dorce turnkey buildings can also be easily dismantled without any losses or damages. All components of the turnkey camp buildings are easily transportable. Minimal tools are required for installing these turnkey camp buildings. The structure of the Dorce turnkey camp buildings are made to be earthquake resistant. The interiors and exteriors of the Dorce turnkey camp buildings are constructed aesthetically. Elegantly engineered, the turnkey camp buildings provide necessary sealing from any outside factors such as dust etc.