Landsberger Str. 322, D-80687 Munich, Germany


DATA MODUL (formerly CONRAC), Mil Qualified Displays and Rugged Panel Computers for the Marine Defence Industry

We are a market leader for the development and supply of special display solutions for mobile, military and marine applications. The product portfolio covers a wide range of rugged, specialised and customised LCD monitors, widescreen displays for ECDIS, RADAR, NAVIGATION and marine panel computers.

CONRAC GmbH - now renamed to DATA MODUL - CONRAC remaining as brand name, has always been a leader in providing innovative technology to the naval industry. Active in this industry, the company has at all times played a pioneering role in the display business. Thousands of installations worldwide speak for themselves.

Thanks to an advanced R&D department with unique expertise and a product management team with unbeatable global market knowledge, we always stay one step ahead. Committed to technologically advanced and cost-effective display solutions, special R&D teams create highly-engineered products of exceptional quality and reliability, using only the latest and most reliable technologies. Special developments like our cTEC features, guarantee trouble-free operation, prolong the product's lifetime and reduce the cost of ownership.