ASB Group

ASB Group

18021 BOURGES CEDEX, France

AboutASB Group

ASB Group is the European leaderand number two in the World in a very high technical, added value sector, specializing in research, design and manufacture of Thermal Batteries. Its products are the outcome of close collaboration with players from the world of high technology, including aeronautics, space, defence, armaments and energy. ASB’s constant monitoring of technological developments has resulted in the development of another division specializing in hermetic seals.

With design and manufacturing plants in France (ASB Bourges), in UK (MSB Glasgow) and in USA (ATB Inc, Maryland), the ASB Group has the advantage of 40 years experience and the support of a body of shareholders, who are both powerful and renowned for a high level of expertise.

Over 2 million batteries have been produced to date by its 160 strong workforce (current figures) made up from almost 200 different types of batteries. Both sites are certified to ISO 9001 standards allowing the ASB Group to offer a wide range of tried and tested solutions to satisfy very high requirements.

Thermal battery:

A thermal battery is an exceptionally reliable source of specific energy. It is a non-rechargeable, single use battery that is completely inert before being activated. It can be stored without requiring maintenance for more than 15 years and then brought into use at any time, requiring only several tenths of a second before it is ready for use. Activation is effected internally either by mechanical or electrical ignition. Certain batteries can also be activated automatically, for example through an accelerating effect or a sudden increase in temperature. It can function under severe climatic and mechanical environments. Its intrinsic qualities mean that it is impervious to high stresses, sudden shocks and sharp pressure drops.

Thermal Batteries can supply the highest level of specific powers available on the market. It is also possible to provide more than one supply simultaneously from the output of a specific battery. Thermal batteries are generally created to order and are designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements of clients who have at the outset their own parameters: power requirements, service life, size, weight, design and other requirements.

Applications of Thermal Battery:

Because of the exceptional reliability resulting from their intrinsic qualities, ASB Group thermal batteries has diverse applications as:

  • Ejector seats for fighter aircraft
  • Emergency energy sources for industrial purposes (safety systems for drilling platforms, nuclear installations, surveillance systems etc.)
  • Power supplies for electronically operated guidance systems in missiles, torpedoes, underwater craft, and land, sea and air defence systems and in the aeronautical sector in general.
  • Space launchers, supplying power to electrical activation systems and pyrotechnical ejectors.