Advanced Interactive Solutions (AIS) Ltd

Advanced Interactive Solutions (AIS) Ltd

Unit 3, Surrey GU10 4QE, UK

AboutAdvanced Interactive Solutions (AIS) Ltd

Advanced Interactive Solutions (AIS) Ltd is a global company providing training and technology in security, law enforcement and defence marketplaces. AIS manufacture the PRISim® video-based judgment training simulator from its headquarters in Seattle.

AIS Ltd. group designs and builds counter-terrorist and other special application training facilities, with installations in more than 60 countries. Headquartered in Seattle, AIS is a privately owned company with offices in Las Vegas; Orlando, Florida; Abu Dhabi, UAE; Singapore, Malaysia; the UK.

Military Training Facilities

AIS specialise in the design, construction, fit-out and maintenance of Military Training Facilities. AIS offer wide variety of Military Training Facilities to meet the requirements and specific training needs of their clients. AIS has designed and constructed Military Training Facilities such as Close quarters battle (CQB) houses for military units and Special Forces to train and practice close quarter combat tactics and drills using live ammunition. This type of design also facilitates anchor points, located on the rooftop providing officers with the opportunity to practice abseiling and entering the building through various window openings.

Aircraft mock-ups and other types of training mock-ups can also incorporated in the Military Training Facilities. Equipment such as Bullet traps, where high intensity shooting takes place, are carefully designed to contain the calibre of ammunition being used. AIS also supplies training aids such as configurable bulletproof or non-bulletproof partition systems, giving end-users a highly flexible, modular tactical training environment.