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General Dynamics Partners with Sentient to Improve Real-Time Intelligence

General Dynamics Partners with Sentient to Improve Real-Time Intelligence



General Dynamics Partners with Sentient to Improve Real-Time Intelligence




General Dynamics

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General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems' deployable, mobile and highly tactical system to capture and manage full motion video (FMV), TAC-MAAS, now features Sentient's Kestrel Land Moving Target Indication (MTI) and Kestrel Maritime automatic target-detection software. This integrated offering allows mission operators and analysts to quickly transform raw data from unmanned systems into actionable intelligence and streamline the post-mission forensic analysis of video. "We continue to look for ways to help our customers increase productivity, streamline workflow and strengthen overall mission operations," said Mike Manzo, director of Geospatial Solutions at General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems' Imagery Systems Division. "By integrating Kestrel's technology into our TAC-MAAS solution, operators can easily detect and identify hard-to-see targets and extract critical intelligence from large volumes of data captured by sensors deployed in the field." Designed for in-theater operations where ease-of-use and low system overhead are vital, TAC-MAAS enables operators and analysts to capture and manage FMV by discovering, tagging and analyzing mission-critical events in real-time. When combined with Kestrel's ability to automatically detect a variety of targets in airborne electro-optical and infrared aerial live video streams, analysts will be able to detect small, slow-moving targets on land and water that might otherwise have been missed or gone undetected using traditional means. In addition to this visual cue, Kestrel provides target information in real-time to the TAC-MAAS system for additional analysis and exploitation. "This product collaboration is a result of our strong partnership and commitment to advancing our customer's mission," said Simon Olsen, director business development, strategy and partnerships for Sentient. "Whether on land or at sea, the combined software creates a powerful tool for detecting, analyzing and reporting targets from unmanned aerial vehicles and surveillance platforms." General Dynamics Mediaware and Sentient are showcasing the newly-enhanced TAC-MAAS solution at this year's AUVSI's Unmanned Systems show in Washington, D.C. Live demonstrations of the combined solution will be available throughout the show (August 12 -15) at the Sentient booth #2721. Australia-based General Dynamics Mediaware, part of General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, is a leading global provider of digital video technology. Please visit for more information about the benefits of standards-compliant compressed video and audio processing in an all-digital network.