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DynCorp International Wins Construction Project



DynCorp International Wins Construction Project


Kunduz, Afghanistan


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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Afghanistan Engineering District, has awarded DynCorp International (NYSE:DCP) a $23.2 million construction project in Kunduz, Afghanistan. The new contract -- called the Kunduz II project – was awarded in a full and open competition. It is the second phase of work already under way in Kunduz to support the Afghan National Army. Kunduz II will enhance support capabilities of the garrison facilities that DynCorp International is designing and building under the first contract award. Once completed, the two projects will provide a full range of facilities to accommodate ANA troops, including infantry barracks, dining areas, classroom/training areas, power, water, wastewater systems, a road network, maintenance facilities, and fuel storage/handling. The additional work under this award is to be completed in 320 days. The base award is $23.2 million. If all contract options are exercised, the Kunduz II project has a potential value of more than $43 million. This follows previous U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awards to DynCorp International for construction in Jalalabad, Bermel, and the first phase of work in Kunduz.