Software Defined Tactical Intercom

VITAVIC 400: Software Defined Tactical Intercom

VITAVIC 400 is software defined technical solution for tactical communications both inside and outside all military, paramilitary and light strike armoured vehicles and platforms. It is also the optimum solution for main battle tanks and other platforms' end users who have, or wish to have the choice to use a number of different tactical headsets and combat net radios (CNRs) as required for any particular operation.

VITAVIC 400 provides the crew of any vehicle or platform with safe and unfailing communications in urban warfare. All crew members can easily access combat net radios where appropriate.

VITAVIC's 400 modular design concept ensures a fully operational intercom, optimally adjusted for light or heavy, wheeled or tacked armoured vehicles at very low cost and may be configured to accommodate smaller platforms requiring from 2 Users and 2 CNR to larger Infantry Fighting Vehicles where up to 21 (13 with full radio access) Users and 6 CNR may be required.

VITAVIC 400 is a true, fully software defined; combat proven digital intercom incorporating effective digital audio signal processing and will allow any type of radio or headset to be used as and when required.

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