Submarine SV/CTD sensors and probes

Valeport’s Submarine SV/CTD sensors and probes are manufactured using Midas SVX2 probe technology. The company provides bespoke sensor packages to meet your mechanical and measurement requirements.

Data output strings and serial interface can be configured to suit. By combining the best in direct sound velocity measurement with CTD data and derived Salinity / Density parameters, information can be used to support tactical decisions via command / control and sonar systems by determination of acoustic shadow zones. Density measurements can be used for submarine trim control and seawater properties can be continuously monitored. Collaborations with Raytheon Anschütz GmbH in Kiel, Germany have seen the supply of over fifty advanced sea water measurement systems for fitting into both Type 214 and Type 209 class submarines delivered to navies worldwide.  Other European naval contractors have also been supplied to meet their submarine and underwater platform instrumentation requirements.

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