Tulmar Safety Systems Inc

Tulmar Safety Systems Inc

1123 Cameron St, Hawkesbury, ON K6A 2B8, Canada

Protective Breathing Equipment

Protective Breathing Equipment

Protective Breathing Equipment (PBE)

Tulmar is the exclusive authorized distributor of Essex Industries PBEs in Canada. The Essex PBE is a self-contained, portable, protective breathing device designed to safeguard airline crew-members during emergencies and while assisting with the evacuation of passengers.


  • Lightest PBE on the market – Lowest cost of ownership

  • Compressed oxygen cartridges – Safest PBE available

  • No dangerous chemicals used to produce oxygen – Can be shipped easily

  • Easiest PBE to deploy and don – Preferred by Cabin Crew

  • PBE with the widest range of vision – Clear visibility in critical situations

  • Only PBE with end-of-service indicator – Ensures Cabin Crew safety

  • Only PBE with humidity indicator – Quick verification that PBE is operational

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