Accommodation Containers

TREYSAN’s Accommodation Containers provide the perfect product with flexible design and production, simple installation in the factory or in the field, as well as easy transportation and relocation. TREYSAN offers single level or two-storey containers as compounds for a wide span of applications, along with options from packed shipping to on-site installation. TREYSAN’s container designs for diverse applications encompass a range including office space, dormitories, disaster relief, kitchen units and cafeterias, laundry units, WC-shower units, laboratory units, clinic units and storage containers.

Some of the container types manufactured by Treysan, in NATO Source are as follows:

  • Shower Container (NATO Stock Code: 5410270295374)
  • Latrine Container (NATO Stock Code: 5410270295375)
  • Storage Container (NATO Stock Code: 5410270295383)
  • Office Container Type 1 (NATO Stock Code: 5410270295386)
  • Office Container Type 2 (NATO Stock Code: 5410270295390)
  • Accommodation Container (NATO Stock Code: 5410270295397)
  • Boiler Container (NATO Stock Code: 5410270295409)
  • Cold Storage Container (NATO Stock Code: 5410270295410)
  • Water Tank Container (NATO Stock Code: 5430270295398)
  • ISO 1CC 20FT Dry Load Container (NATO Stock Code: 8145270283442)
  • ISO 1AA 40FT Dry Load Container (NATO Stock Code: 8145270496587)

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