Swedish Body Armor Management S.L.

Swedish Body Armor Management S.L.

Sark, Channel Islands

Body Armor Manufacturer and Police Tactical Equipment supplier

Body Armor Manufacturer and Police  Tactical Equipment supplier

Company Overview

Our goal at Body Armour is to be a world class manufacturer of products that are recognized as an industry standard for safety, comfort, durability, performance, and design.


Two principles guide the operation of our company;

1.) First, quality. The life of our customers cannot be compromised!

Swedish Body Armour likes to significantly exceed the NIJ and other International standards at all protection levels, with all of its products.

2.) Second, successful enterprise comes from sound business relationships built on mutual trust, respect, and ethical behavior.

Our marketing objective is to build solid long-term relationships with our business partners and customers.


We intend to achieve that goal by keeping our promises, responding quickly, operating consistently, and remaining loyal. We promise to stand by our products, correct our errors, listen to suggestions, and continuously look for ways to improve our methods of operation.


Finally, we are committed to the care and conservation of our planet and to the preservation of recreational shooting and SWAT sports.


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Body Armor, Police and Military Armour, Bullet and Knife protection, Anti-riot Armour, Shields, Add-on Plates, Ceramic vests, Bulletproof armor, Concealable Vests, Protection Clothing, Knife and Stab Protection






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