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Static Alignment System

Static Alignment System

Aligner 308 Weapon Alignment System (static alignment system)

By the application of Aligner 308 Weapon Alignment System the task of performing static alignment system of shipboard weapon system is easier than ever. The main objectives are:

  • No dry-docking required
  • Non-compromising accuracy
  • A complete tool for static alignment system
  • Intuitive handling by simple-to-use software guidance
  • Innovative alignment methods to minimize ship's non-operational time

Along with standard alignment procedures, the Aligner 308 Weapon Alignment System provides outstanding features like:

  • Complete tilt alignment in a few minutes time
  • Azimuth measurement between stations even if not within line-of-sight
  • True gun barrel axis measurement
  • Ship's gyro performance test
  • A unique set of functions for complete verification of alignment results

In summary, the Aligner 308 Weapon Alignment System has a proven record of enabling you to:

  • Perform a complete weapon system alignment in only four to six hours
  • Achieve shooting performance accurate enough for repetitive direct hits on a towed target


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