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BREM-K Wheeled Amphibious Armoured Recovery Vehicles

BREM-K Wheeled Amphibious Armoured Recovery Vehicles

The BREM-K is a wheeled amphibious vehicle designed for technical support of the units equipped with wheeled BTR-80 armoured personnel carriers (APC). The vehicle ensures repair with the use of hoisting equipment and electric welding, recovery of vehicles out of light and medium sticking, towing of the disabled vehicles on land and afloat, round-the-clock technical monitoring and technical aid to the crew in elimination of faults and damage.

The BREM-K is a derivative of the BTR-80 APC and its equipment installed allows the following:

- repair, including electric welding and electric cutting;

- recovery of vehicles of the same type out of light and medium sticking and lifting of sunken vehicles;

- towing of defective, controlled and uncontrolled vehicles on land and afloat;

- technical monitoring of the battlefield at day and at night;

- technical aid to the crew in maintenance and routine repairs;

- assembly and disassembly operations to replace principal aggregates;

- transportation of spare parts and materials.

The BREM-K is fitted with 7.62-mm PKT machinegun.

The APC is equipped with the towing winch for pulling-out stuck and sunken vehicles. To fix the vehicle in position, the support device is used, which is lowered and raised by the operator by means of the hydraulic drive. The tools and accessories kit includes the rigid hitch to tow uncontrolled vehicles.

The rotary lifting device comprising a turret-mounted crane and a hand winch is used for assembly and disassembly operations during repair of wheeled armored vehicles. The same crane mounted on the bow of the vehicle, with the towing winch connected to the engine, allows lifting a weight of up to 1.5 t.

The welding generator installed in the vehicle’s body and run by the belt drive powered by the power take-off device allows the crew to conduct welding work as part of repairs and prepare the damaged vehicle for towing.

Spare parts are transported on a special platform fixed to the roof of the vehicle.

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