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All-Terrain Amphibious Vehicle

All-Terrain Amphibious Vehicle

All-Terrain Amphibious Vehicle 59037 (ATAV 59037) is designed to carry passengers and cargo on surfaced roads, dirt tracks and off road and cross wet gaps. The vehicle is intended to operate within the -40°C…+50°C ambient temperature range and can be stored in the open. It is indispensable as a means of transport in flooded areas and other natural or man-made disaster-stricken areas for evacuating people and carrying rescue equipment.

ATAV 59037 comprises an eight-wheel four-axle chassis and a monocoque. It is divided into the driver’s, cargo/passenger and engine compartments.

The driver’s compartment is at the front of the vehicle. It houses the controls, instruments and some of the electrical equipment.

The cargo/passenger compartment spans the body from the driver’s compartment to the wall of the engine compartment. It is equipped with seats to accommodate nine to 11 passengers, a winch, some of the electrical equipment and the spares, tools and accessories. To haul cargo, some or all of the seats are dismounted and the canvas is removed. There is a watertight cargo bed with drop sides in the rear of the vehicle above the engine compartment. In all, the vehicle carries up to 5,000 kg of cargo.

The engine compartment is in the rear of the vehicle, separated from the manner compartments by a sealed bulkhead. It houses the engine with the clutch and gearbox; fourth axle; radiators of the cooling and oil systems; blower fan; air, fuel and oil filters; preheater, fuel cells, waterjet and self-contained cargo/passenger compartment heater.

The all-wheel drive, all-wheel independent torsion box-type suspension, 475-mm ground clearance and effective telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers afford the vehicle high off-road capability and high speed – 50 km/h – on dirt tracks and cross country.

The waterjet and steering system enable ATAV 59037 to cross wet gaps in stride at a speed of 9 km/h.

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