Sea Rescue Craft

Sea Rescue Craft is an apparatus, method and system for rescuing persons and distressed vessels. The design of the Sea Rescue Craft proved to be far superior and inflatable designs have been adopted ever since. The practical requirements for emergency Sea Rescue Craft necessitate precautions, on the one hand to secure the rescue craft safely on the deck of a ship when not in use. A water pressure release (hydrostatic release unit) is used and the attachment strap of the Sea Rescue Craft is fixed to it. Release of the Sea Rescue Craft is by means of the hydrostatic release device. Sea Rescue Craft comprise a pair of propulsion units, symmetrically disposed; one each on each side and sat least one pair of pontoons. Sea Rescue Craft is comprised of pivotable and/or hinged affixing means. Sea Rescue Craft manufactured by us is of high quality. International standards are followed in the manufacture of Sea Rescue Craft.

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