Multifunction Computer System

SEICAM 2000 is an intelligent, multitasking and multifunction computer system configured around the hardened SER 5000 U workstation/server with the appropriate network distribution and terminal server subsystem.

System features:

  • Message handling and formatting acc. to standards ACP 127, JANAP 128, ADatP-3 and so on
  • IT security level E2
  • Network management for central control of the entire external/internal communication system
  • Communication planning (COMPLAN)
  • Optional X.400 server and certified X.400 filter
  • High growth potential

A single workstation is expandable to a networking multi-console client/server configuration that, according to the contractor, provides sophisticated automated communications support for naval applications.

For a new submarine project, HMK has been awarded the UK CESG certification (SYS3 assurance level) for the external communication system with SEICAM 2000.

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