Tritium Light Sources

One of the most popular products supplied by Betalight is the Betalight kit marker. The kit marker is used primarily to locate key items of equipment which must be readily available to the soldier at all times but which are easily lost in the dark. Kit markers can also be used as hazard markers and for personnel marking. A range of colors is available to enable differentiation.

Tritium Light Sources (GTLD)

The Beta-Marker is a compact, self-luminous marker-peg to provide visual reference points by day and by night. The Peglight is a heavy-construction marker-peg, utilizing a cast aluminum shell to provide the user with the highest level of durability in the field. Typical applications for both are: arc of fire marking, trench identification, path and spot marking and mine marking. Self-luminous route and defile markers can be mounted to almost any object along roads and through forests. Typical applications are minefield safe lanes and bridge defiles for vehicles and troops, where secure route marking is needed in daylight and darkness.

Tritium Light Sources (GTLS)

Betalight’s can manufacture to suit individual requirements in any color in the spectrum even in infra red and to virtually any size or shape. The GTLS are used widely in many different applications like: airplanes- or helicopter-instruments, for rifle or mortar scopes, vehicles or main battle tanks, machines and research applications.

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