Self Clinching Fasteners

Self Clinching Fasteners are devices, usually threaded, that, when pressed into ductile metal, displaces host material around mounting hole, causing it to cold flow into specially designed annular recess in shank or pilot of fastener. Self clinching fasteners take less space and require fewer assembly operations than caged or anchor nuts. Self clinching fasteners have greater reusability and more holding power than sheet metal screws. Self clinching fasteners are used where good pullout and torque loads are required in sheet metal that is too thin to provide secure fastening by any other method. Self clinching fasteners are economical to use with gaugeable threads. Self clinching fasteners support thinner sheet metal and permit real reduction in installed cost over cost of other fastener designs. Self clinching fasteners provide neat appearance with their compact design and low profile. Avdel (India) Private Limited excels in providing self clinching fasteners at reasonable prices.

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