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AFC001 Automatic Flight Control

AFC001 Automatic Flight Control

Developed to support its TSO-approved Air Data Attitude Heading Reference Systems (ADAHRS) for use with analog flight control systems, the AFC001 bridges the gap between an ADAHRS and existing equipment to enable automatic flight control. The AFC001 is also the enabling technology for using the ADAHRS with 3 ATI and 4 ATI instruments using DC inputs and for reversionary instruments used in military, commercial, commuter, and business aircraft.


The AFC001 receives commands from discrete switches located on the instrument panel, and it receives all data over both a high-speed ARINC 429 bus and a low-speed ARINC bus. Using these inputs, the AFC forms scaled error signals appropriate to drive a wide variety of Automatic Flight Control Servos/Servo Amps. Additionally, the system outputs roll and pitch angles, yaw rate (body), true airspeed, and lateral acceleration, allowing two-wire displays to receive crucial information.


The AFC001 system consists of a single box as shown above, and its system architecture is based on the proven AHR150A-1 Inertial Sensing Unit. When used with the AHR150A system, the AFC001 provides a powerful and cost effective method of driving a wide variety of Automatic Flight Control System Servos/Servo Amps.


  • Fully solid-state design

  • Low power consumption (16–36 Vdc operation and 0.3 A nominal at 28 Vdc)

  • Lightweight system at 2.1 lbs

  • Redundant power inputs with failure warning

  • Software certified to Level B specifications

  • Filtered Mil Spec MS38999 circular connector
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