International Military-Technical Forum  2020

International Military-Technical Forum 2020

23 August - 29 August, 2020


8 (495) 696-12-32


Patriot Ekspo, Russia

Organized By:

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

8 (495) 696-12-32


Kolymazhnyy Pereulok, 14, Moscow, 119019

About International Military-Technical Forum 2020

In accordance with decree of the Russian Government No. 1606-p dated 19 July 2019 and decision of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation the 6th International Military-Technical Forum «ARMY-2020» will be held from 23 till 29 of August, 2020 at Patriot Expo, Kubinka Air Base and Alabino military training grounds.

International Military-Technical Forum «ARMY-2020» is organized and fully supported by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and combines the exhibition and dynamic demonstration of military equipment capabilities with extensive congress program and strong participation of international audience represented by foreign exhibitors, delegations and visitors.

The results of the Forum «Army» strongly suggest that in recent five years it has turned into one of the world's leading exhibition of armament and military equipment, the authoritative platform for discussing innovative ideas and developments for the armed forces.

Forum "ARMY" is a unique platform for demonstration of the best achievements in military field being represented with modern and advanced units of smart weapon, military equipment and technologies, construction and maintenance projects, as well as outstanding opportunity for companies and enterprises to demonstrate its products for further integration into cooperation within military-industrial complex.

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