airforce / countermeasures camouflage and pyrotechnics

Aircraft camouflage is a stealth technique military aircrafts employ to blend into their surroundings and become difficult to spot. Camouflage can refer to a simple change in appearance, such as painting ground colours, or using stealth technology to dodge radars and infrared sensors.

Various types of camouflage include ground camouflage, air camouflage, night camouflage, active camouflage, stealth technology and preventing contrails. The Northrop Grumman B2 has one of the most advanced camouflage (stealth technology) mechanisms in the defense industry.

Aircraft pyrotechnics are used for signaling beacons for search and rescue operations, alarms, wars and emergencies, and many other offensive and surveillance missions. It involves using handheld rockets, also called flares or flare guns. Pyrotechnics use rocket propellants in small quantities along with additives to give colour to the flames.

We will soon come up with a list of suppliers for camouflage technologies and pyrotechnics.