Sigma Logistic Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Sigma Logistic Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Waterford Place, Mendelssohn Streets, Waterkloof Glen 0010, Pretoria, South Africa

Military Asset Management

Military Asset Management

To create technical publications and management information systems, we analyse and structure existing or newly developed support information. Configuration management includes configuration identification, change control and reporting of configuration status to ensure integrity of baselines.

By performing detail assessments of existing logistic material, management information systems and business processes, we can:

  • Convert, cleanse and structure data for management information systems
  • Populate support data in management information systems
  • Commission data management processes

Our Asset Management Solutions provide a single point of control overall types of assets. These solutions manage physical assets on a common platform allowing organizations to share and enforce best practices, inventory, resources and personnel.

Sigma Logistic Solutions provides a real time calculation of an asset’s configuration and the life of each component of the asset. This helps to accurately perform system and component analysis and reporting leading to improved reliability and lower maintenance costs. You can accurately track the current and historical views of transactional changes to the configuration of assets and their components, assisting in increased reliability and accountability.

Our all in one solution includes six management modules in an enhanced service-orientated architecture:

  • Asset management
  • Work management
  • Service management
  • Contract management
  • Inventory and supply chain management
  • Procurement management

Configuration Management is the discipline of identifying and controlling the physical and functional characteristics of systems and their configurable items. It includes configuration identification, change control and the reporting of configuration status to ensure the integrity of baselines.

Our company helps in identifying configurable items and in managing the status and change control process to ensure the integrity of your baselines. The main activities addressed are as follows:

  • Definition of configuration systems
  • Identification of configuration items
  • Change control and impact analysis
  • Configuration verification and auditing
  • Configuration reporting and status accounting
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